About Us

Our Vision

AIWW is a family owned business, operating in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria, focused on the development of quality and diversity within the Australian wine industry.

Our mission is to bring up-and-coming wine labels into locally owned hotels, bottle shops, clubs and restaurants. This undertaking supports Australian consumers by bringing small to medium sized producers of fine wine into a market otherwise dominated by "Big Business". A richly diverse wine industry benefits not only the Australian palate; it is also supportive of Australian small business.

Our Point Of Difference

We are a group of professionals that are passionate about championing independent wines from Australia and New Zealand and sharing the wine and their stories.
Focused on working with independent retailers and on trade to successfully build these estate wine brands.
A reputation for valuing relationships first and foremost and growing with business partners.
One point of contact to access an award wining range of independent wines from the premium growing areas of Australia and New Zealand with prices to suit any market.
Strong sales growth with proven brands that are defined by their character and history.
Strong relationships with key wineries to deliver exclusive brands and promotions.

Our People

Winemaker - Robert Paul

Robert Paul is one of Australia's most experienced winemakers. Having spent many years making wines for Chapel Hill, Coriole and Orlando Wyndham and then several more Wine Network (one of Australia's leading winemaking consulting groups), he has been all over the world to explore winemaking methods and has produced a great number of award winning wines.

He has amassed an extraordinary base of experience and wisdom which he now brings to Massoni Wines and AIWW.

Robert aims to produce hand-crafted wines in small volumes that are distinctively varietal yet subtle and stylish. Elegance, poise and balance are the hallmarks of his winemaking style.

Our Team :

Michael Angelides - Sales and Director
Jordan Shertock - Sales

New South Wales
Max Sinicco - Sales
Stacey Angelides - Administration

Fred Ursini - Sales and Director
Roberto Vuanello - Sales
Pam Southerington - Administration

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"AIWW supports the responsible service and consumption of alcohol."